Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

This afternoon I'll set up my display of art at The Borgata in Scottsdale.  This is a classy upscale mall.  I'm grateful to have the opportunity to be there.  Thank you Borgata!  Thank you, Shirley and Jim Longfellow, of Longfellow Fine Art Festivals,  for the time and effort you have put into this venture!

This is a bit of a come around since in many years past, The Borgata didn't want artists. There wasn't enough room for us, and after all, we weren't serious artists (street artists are seldom considered serious artists) and our customers took up too much room in their parking lot.  (Our show was next door.) 

It's a sign of the times, some 10 to fifteen years later, with the economy at it's lowest point, and empty stores in ALL the malls, we are being welcomed with open arms.  Time does change things.  Even me. I'm grateful that The Borgata has opened it's doors to us. Grateful that they are recognizing us as the unique, small businesses that we are.  Grateful that I can still move enough to do a show!  Ha! 

I look forward to friends and old customers coming to see us this very busy weekend, and to new friends and customers.  This is the last show I have planned for 2011.  If I don't see you at this show, perhaps I'll see you in 2012! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011

New Blog - New Idea

There are a ton of ideas that float through my mind, and I'll try to share some with you, the audience, all two of you!  LOL!!

For an artist, showing up to work, in a way that allows others to see you working, is the biggest challenge.  Most artists WORK!  Most work everyday, but because making art is mostly an individual and not a collaborative effort, it's difficult for the public to realize WORK has been done.  It's often difficult for even the artist's family to realize that WORK has been done.  We need to get better at showing and telling and listening and learning.  This blog is here to help me do exactly those things.  If you could use a little encouragement, inspiration, advice and a good laugh or two, join me over the next few months while I work on my issues. 

I love Arizona, and love to paint her many personalities.  I love her in the morning when the light is just peaking over the mountains, and at high noon, when the sun blisters, sears and bleaches everything.  I love her at sunset when you want the sun to stay just a couple of seconds longer so you can see that gorgeous sky.  I love the nights when the stars hang over your head and the moon lights up the horizon.   I've been having this love affair for forty plus years, and I'm hoping that God will allow me a few more.  Enjoy your day.